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Matt Parry  Designer + Founder

Deathless was created in 2014 by Hawke’s Bay based tattooist/illustrator Matt Parry

Influenced by 80’s skateboard/thrash metal culture.

Over the past 10 years Matt has released over 30 limited edition Deathless T-shirts, hoodies and shorts in limited quantities with each release mostly selling out in the pre-order phase!

Apart from tattooing Matt has also worked with many brands (eg Sullen USA, SRH USA…) and bands (eg Bleeders NZ  HLAH NZ Dustbolt GER, Pizza Death AUS…) local and overseas creating everything from T-shirt designs through to snowboard goggle straps, skateboard graphics, poster artwork, logo design, Free-dive fins through to beer can artwork for Garage project.

The culmination of releasing gnarly clothing and design work for the last 10 years has lead to Matt teaming up with his good mate Brad to release the ultimate product DEATHLESS BEER!

Check the Gallery to see all latest updates and if you are interested in design work please contact Matt via email deathlessnz@gmail.com or fill out the website form!


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